Bicycle Lane Safety for Drivers and Riders

Now that Great Star Drive’s bicycle lanes have been installed, it is a good time for residents to learn more about the rules of the road for both automobile drivers and bicyclists. Please be sure to discuss these laws, tips and advice on sharing the road with the young drivers and riders in your family.

Information for Automobile Drivers
1. Drive Cautiously – Be sure to reduce speed when approaching cyclists and give extra room to cyclists in bad weather.
2. Yield to Cyclists – It is the law that cycles are vehicles and they may take the entire lane if conditions dictate.
3. Be Considerate – Look for cyclists in traffic, at intersections and when opening doors, and do not blow your horn in close proximity to cyclists.
4. Pass With Care – It is the law to leave at least 3 feet between your car and a cyclist when passing and wait until road and traffic conditions allow you to safely pass.
5. Watch For Children – When children are riding near by, expect the unexpected and slow down and remember that most children do not have adequate knowledge of traffic laws.
Information for Cyclists
1. Ride on the Right – It is the law that cyclists ride on the right and always ride with the flow of traffic.
2. Obey all Traffic Laws – It’s the law that cyclists abide by all the same laws that apply to cars, and they must obey all traffic control devices such as stop signs, lights and lane markings. Please be sure to always use hand signals to signal turns and stops.
3. Always Wear a Helmet – Be sure the helmet rests on the top of your head and does not tip back and do not wear earplugs or electronic devices while biking.
4. Use Common Sense – Cyclists should ride in a straight line, check for oncoming traffic before entering any street, avoid riding alone, always ride in a single file group line, and always carry a cell phone.
5. Be Visible – Cyclists should ride to the right but remain visible to drivers and wear bright clothing.

For more information on cycling in Howard County, visit the following Maryland State Highway Administration sites:
• Bicycle Laws:
• Bicycle Safety:
• Downloadable Information:
This information was submitted by: Jack Guarneri, President,
Bicycling Advocates of Howard County,

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