Ballot Questions

Three changes to the Association’s bylaws will be on this year’s ballot. The purpose of the proposed changes is to enable electronic voting and to remove the restriction that prevents members from voting in person when another member from the household is voting by absentee ballot. Members are being asked to vote for or against the following changes:

Add to Section 1.07A. Votes to be Cast in Person:
A member unable to attend a meeting at which Directors of the Association are to be elected or at which a Representative to the Columbia Council is to be elected, may also vote online using procedures established by the Board of Directors and/or the Election Committee.
Add to Section 8.07. Absentee Ballots:
A member may also cast one absentee ballot following the online procedures established by the Board of Directors and/or Election Committee.
Delete from Section 8:07. Absentee Ballots:
The absentee ballot will contain a detachable statement signed by the member certifying that he will be unable to cast his ballot at the designated polling place and that no other member of his residence will cast a ballot at the polling place.
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