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Guideline No. 57 – Tree Planting or Removal – Fast Track Available

An Exterior Alteration Application will be required for the following: Removal of any tree whose trunk is over 20 inches in circumference (approximately 7 inches in diameter) when measured at a point 2 feet above the ground, whether the tree is alive or presumed dead. Any plantings with four or more plants in a row […]

Guideline No. 58 – Trellises

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted for trellises. Exterior Alteration Application Requirements The application must include: Diagrammed plot plan showing the location of the trellis. Note: Applications without a diagrammed plot plan will not be accepted. Material, color, and size of the trellis. Relation of trellis to neighboring properties. Drawing or brochure of the […]

Guideline No. 59 – Vehicles

Vehicle renovation or repairs lasting longer than two days may not be undertaken except in enclosed garages. Inoperable vehicles, vehicles without a valid current registration, or any other similar items may not be stored in the open on any lot. No boats, boat trailers, house trailers, trucks, recreation vehicles, mobile homes, campers, or any similar […]