August 1, 2022 Board Minutes

River Hill Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2022



Opening (Agenda Item 2):

Mr. Bruening called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. The meeting was hybrid held in person at Claret Hall and virtually via Zoom. The following members attended: Kevin Bruening, Jim Kirk, Janet Munro, and Jian Ni. Renee DuBois, Village Manager and Eric Greenberg, Columbia Council Representative were present. The following guests attended the meeting: CA Aquatics Director Marty Oltmanns, Bryan Gerrard, and Jennifer Lynott.


Approval of the (Agenda Item 3):


Ms. Munro made a motion to approve and amend the agenda and withdraw the June 21, 2022, minutes. Mr. Kirk seconded the motion.


Mr. Bruening made a motion to table the motion made by Ms. Munro. The motion did not pass.

The motion to approve the amended agenda passed by unanimous consent.


Announcement of Executive Session (Agenda Item 4A)

A closed meeting of the Board of Directors subject to Maryland Homeowners Association Act Section 11B-111(4)(i) and (iii) was held on August 1, 2022.


Board Meeting Minutes – May 24, 2022(Agenda Item 4B):


Mr. Bruening made a motion to approve the May 24, 2022, Minutes. Ms. Munro seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous consent.


Update from Marty Oltmanns, Columbia Association Aquatics Director (Agenda Item 4C):


Mr. Oltmanns provided a summary of the pool staffing and use of the outdoor pool in River Hill. The pool has been fully open all summer (7 days a week) and has been fully staffed. Attendance at the pool has been solid. The pool that is closest to River Hill in comparison of the attendance level is Swansfield, which also has very high attendance. The pool at the Columbia Gym is currently closed for renovations. It is the first major renovation for that pool since it was built. The plaster and coping stone are being replaced. Everything is also being repainted.


Mr. Oltmanns stated that the hiring process for next summer’s pool staffing begins in early December with training to occur over the winter. He asked for the staff and Board of Directors to publicize this information to create interest.


As the month of August continues, various Columbia pools will be shutting down early due to staffing shortages. River Hill’s pool will remain open through Labor Day.


Resident Speak Out (Agenda Item 5)



Old Business (Agenda Item 6):



New Business

FY2022 Financial Statement and CA Reports (Agenda Item 7A):

Ms. DuBois provided information about the summary statement of activities that is submitted to CA at the end of each quarter. The Village currently has about $300,000 in liquid assets and about $181,000 in liabilities. The liabilities have seen a significant increase due to an increase of $13,000 in security deposits and an increase in accrued salaries due to timing differences. When comparing the Profit and Loss statements from last year to this year, Claret Hall rentals totaled only $12,000 last year, while this year’s rentals totaled $166,000. The cost of RHCA’s insurance has doubled and the deductible has tripled, legal fees and janitorial expenses have also significantly increased. Additionally, updating the Architectural Guidelines has contributed to the large operating expenses.


Mr. Greenberg made a motion to accept the FY22 Financial Statement spreadsheets as presented. Ms. Munro seconded the motion. Mr. Ni abstained from voting on the motion because he did not hear the entire discussion. The motion passed 3-0-1.



Student Member Committee of the BOD Interviewers (Agenda Item 7B):

There are 2 candidates for the Student Member Committee. Interviews will occur later in August. Ms. Munro, Mr. Bruening, and Mr. Kirk volunteered to conduct the interviews. Discussion occurred about whether to have only 1 student member or to have 2 student members on the BOD. In previous years when students were split between the 2 high schools serving the village, there were two student members.


Mr. Bruening made a motion to have the interviewers make a recommendation about whether the Student Member Committee should be comprised of either one or two members for the 2022-2023 school year. There was no second.


Mr. Kirk made a motion to have board members conduct the interviews of both candidates for the Student Member Committee and upon completion of the interviews, the interviewers will make a recommendation to the board about how many student members to bring on. Mr. Greenberg seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous consent.


Development Advisory Committee Liaison (Agenda Item 8Ai):



Traffic & Safety Committee (Agenda Item 8Aii):



Watershed Advisory Committee (Agenda Item 8Aiii):



Sound Barrier Liaison (Agenda Item 8Aiv):



Village Manager (Agenda Item 8B):

Ms. DuBois’ report was incorporated into Old Business and New Business agenda items relating to the FY23 Budget. The pool party is scheduled for August 5th and the upcoming drag racing town hall is scheduled for August 8th with Council Member Deb Jung, Councilman Dave Yungmann, Members of the Howard County Police Department, and Delegates Reid Novotny and Jen Terrasa.


Columbia Council Representative (Agenda Item 8C):

Mr. Greenberg reported that Columbia Association is performing work at Lake Elkhorn and the budgeting process will be starting in September.


Board Chairperson (Agenda Item 8D):

Mr. Bruening (acting chairperson for this meeting) encouraged the Board to look forward rather than looking back as they work together.


Board Speak Out (Agenda Item 10):



Adjournment (Agenda Item 11):

At 9:00 p.m., Mr. Bruening made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Kirk seconded the motion. The motion passed with unanimous consent.