Association Launches Property Evaluation Program

This fiscal year, FY 2014, the River Hill Community Association’s assessment share from the Columbia Association includes additional funding for the implementation of the Property Standards Evaluation Program. Given the aging of our community, portions of which are now 22 years old, the River Hill Village Board requested funding for this program in order to be proactive in addressing property maintenance concerns.

Although this is the first time that this program will be undertaken in River Hill, the majority of Columbia’s villages have used this program and found it to be an effective tool for keeping residential property values high.

The River Hill Village Covenants require all property owners to maintain their property in good order and repair. The funding will enable the Association to hire a part-time, temporary Property Standards Evaluator (PSE). The PSE will conduct curbside inspections of each residential property and will identify maintenance issues. Properties will be evaluated using a standardized form based on the River Hill Architectural Guidelines and the Maintenance Standards. Some of the items that will be examined include, but are not limited to:
• Siding and trim
• Gutters and downspouts
• Landscaping
• Roofs
• Driveways
• Fences

The PSE will begin conducting inspections in September and the program will continue through April 2014. The PSE will wear identification and residents do not need to be home at the time of the inspection. Property owners will be notified of the results by postcard.

Here are some simple tips to prepare for the inspections and to keep River Hill looking its best:
• Repair rotten wood, damaged siding, and peeling paint
• Clean discolored siding
• Remove debris
• Weed and mulch landscaping, trim back overgrown shrubs, and mow the lawn
• Remove trash and recycling bins from view
• Remove all “above ground” downspout extensions
• Mend or repair any broken windows, light fixtures, lampposts, and fences.

Please call Claret Hall at 410-531-1749 if you have questions about the program.

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  1. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    We are interested in landscaping our yard – what are the guidelines around this – we are mainly interested in improving groundwater recharge and planting native plants particularly ground cover that will do better than grass 🙂 (our mature trees limit any direct sun). Are there still incentives to naturalize/improve water quality? thanks for any direction! ryan

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