Association Launches Fast Track Application Process

To simplify the process for homeowners and to reduce the workload of the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC), the Association has launched a Fast Track architectural review process for designated exterior alterations. Applications meeting the Fast Track criteria will be forwarded directly to the Architectural Committee (AC) for review and will have a one week turnaround time. The Fast Track process is available for the following exterior changes:
• Attic Ventilators;
• Clotheslines;
• Gutters/Downspouts (Addition, Relocation, Material Change);
• House Numbers;
• Lights/Lighting (if to remain basically the same style and wattage);
• Roofs;
• Radon Units;
• Skylights;
• Storm Doors; and
• Tree Removal (for trees that pose a danger to home, health, and property).

The following process has been established:

  1. The deadline for submitting a Fast Track application is noon on Friday. Due to scheduling conflicts and unforeseen circumstances, the Fast Track process may not be available during all weeks of the year. Therefore, applicants should check with theCovenant Advisor or on the Association’s website in advance to ensure that the process will be available. The application form for the Fast Track process is the same form used for all Exterior Alteration Application requests and maybe downloaded from the Association’s website or picked up at Claret Hall.
  2. The Covenant Advisor will review the application for completeness. A complete application must include a plot plan, samples, drawings, all pertinent measurements, and signatures of four visually affected property owners surrounding the applicant’s property. Please review the Architectural Guidelines for specific information. If an application does not meet all the criteria for the Fast Track process, the Covenant Advisor will move the application to the regular review process. A decision to move an application to the standard process is final. Residents will be notified if an application must be moved to the standard review process.
  3. If the application is complete and meets the criteria for Fast Track review, it will then be forwarded to a member of the AC for a decision. 4. The Covenant Advisor will notify the applicant of AC decision by the following Friday. Confirmation in writing will follow.

Note: Due to holidays, Fast Track applications will not be accepted on November 18, November 25, December 23, and December 30.

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