Association Invites Residents to Participate in Conversation

Once every decade Howard County updates its General Plan. The General Plan is a comprehensive long-range plan for the entire county which guides decisions related to development, land preservation, changing demographic and employment trends, environmental sustainability, capital projects, county services and other key land use
issues. The last General Plan, Plan Howard 2030, was adopted in 2013. County Executive Calvin Ball kicked off the next General Plan update, HoCo By Design, in late August. At that time, he invited members of the community to become involved and “share their voices and create one vision for the future.” In addition to the County’s Department of Planning and Zoning which is leading the effort, the consultants on the project, and the contributions of the members of the newly established Planning Advisory Committee, the process has been designed to solicit input from everyday citizens to aid in identifying community priorities for maintaining and improving the County’s quality of life.

The public’s first opportunity to participate is the recently announced “On the Table” interactive activity. “On the Table” is an opportunity for residents to host conversations with family and friends about what they want Howard County to look like 20 years from now. The River Hill Community Association is hosting two virtual “On the Table” conversations to provide opportunities for River Hill residents to participate in the effort:
• October 27 at 7 p.m. – Session facilitated by Matt Levine, RHCA Board Member.
• October 17 at 11 a.m. –  Session for teens facilitated by Alex Oh and Shyam Pillai, Student Members of the Board of Directors.
Registration is limited so sign-up now to ensure a spot. Receive the link by emailing or by calling 410-531-1749.

To find out more about HoCo By Design visit or the HoCo By Design Facebook page at Residents who want to host their own “On the Table” conversation should visit
“On the Table” website at to learn more!

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