Architectural Committee Decisions

AC Decisions

October 18, 2023 


6525 Ocean Shore Lane                      Tree Removals

12133 Shining Stars Lane                    In-Home -Business

5752 Whistling Winds Walk               Windows: Style Change

6500 Evening Shadows Court             Deck: Material Change


Approved with Condition(s)

12205 Summer Sky Path                     Screened Porch, Deck

6504 Hazel Thicket Drive                    Tree Removals


Appeal Decision

Approved on Appeal

6333 Daring Prince Way                     Color Change: Shutters & Front Door


October 4, 2023


12032 Floating Clouds Path                Tree Removals

6463 South Wind Circle                      Deck

6041 Ascending Moon Path                Color Change: Front Door and Side Panels

12207 Linden Linthicum Lane             Tree Removal

6420 Enchanted Solitude Place          Deck: Material Change


Approved with Condition(s)

5701 Little Bells Row                           Vegetable Garden Planters


September 20, 2023

Approved with Condition(s)

6429 Grateful Heart Gate                   Fence