April 2021 Architectural Decisions

AC Decisions
March 17, 2021
6633 Rising Waves Way: Patio, Walkways, Landscaping
6443 Western Star Run: Screened Porch
6336 Departed Sunset Lane: Swing Set
6582 River Run: Patio
5911 Fall Moon Ride: Play Set

Approved with Condition(s)
6421 Distant Melody Place: Screened Porch
5840 Wild Orange Gate: Fence

March 3, 2021
6408 Silent Moon Run: Portico, Walkway

Approved with Condition(s)
6301 Enchanted Key Gate: Walkway, Retaining Wall, Patio, Landscape, Lighting, Tree Removal
6525 Radiant Gleam Way: Driveway Expansion

February 17, 2021
Approved with Condition
6515 River Run: Fence (Picket), Trampoline

January 20, 2021
Approved with Condition
7021 Best Times Path: Patio

Appeal Hearing
March 18, 2021
7117 Waking Dreams Knoll: Screened Porch, Deck Extension

RHAC Meeting
5812 Laurel Leaves Lane: Pool Part 2

6301 Enchanted Key Gate: Color Change: Pool Tile
6000 Countless Stars Run: Solar Panels
6521 Evening Company Circle: Tree Removal
6027 Red Clover Lane: Tree Removal
6512 Early Lily Row: Tree Removal
5942 Gentle Call: Color Change

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