April 1, 2019 Minutes

River Hill Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2019



Opening (Agenda 1):

Richard Thomas, Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. The following members were in attendance: Matt Levine, Angela Ling, Tony Miceli, Dalia Shlash, and Adam White. Cindy Tian, Student Member, and Susan Smith, Village Manager, were present. Yamini Ananth arrived at 7:08 p.m. Renee DuBois, Council Representative, arrived at 7:09 p.m. Harjeet Jandu arrived at 7:12 p.m.


Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 2):

Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Mr. Levine seconded the motion. The motion passed (5-0-0). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (1).


Administrative Items (Agenda 3):

Mr. Thomas made a motion to approve the March 18,2019 Minutes. Ms. Shlash seconded the motion. The motion passed (5-0-0). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (1).


CA Climate Change and Sustainability Committee (Agenda 4):

Dr. Sara Via gave a presentation on the role of the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee and the importance of satisfying man’s current needs will protecting the needs of future generations. The impacts of climate change on agriculture, weather, and species were discussed. Issues impacting River Hill residents were discussed including erosion, lack of mass transit, rain gardens, clotheslines, covenants, and encouraging use of clean energy sources.


Resident Speak Out (Agenda 5):



Board Membership (Agenda 6A):

The board discussed whether to have a 5-member Board of Directors or continue with a 7-member board and appoint 2 members for terms beginning in FY20. Mr. Thomas made a motion to advertise for 2 positions with 2-year terms and with a deadline of May 31 for letters of interest. Mr. White seconded the motion. Discussion. The motion failed (0-7-0). Student Advisory Votes – abstained (2).


Mr. Levine made a motion to begin advertising for 2 positions with 2-year terms with May 10 as the deadline for letters of interest and candidates to be interviewed and appointed at the May 13 meeting. The motion passed (5-2-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


FY19 – Out of Budget Expenditures (Agenda 6B):

Ms. Smith reviewed staff requests for end of year expenditures. It was the consensus of the board that staff should proceed with purchasing a new filing cabinet, projector screen, 2-computers, monitors, and associated software, and additional shelving for the storage room.


FY19 and FY20 Capital purchases were also discussed. Mr. Levine made a motion to approve the purchase of replacement, rectangle tables for Claret Hall, replacement blinds for the Meeting Room, and the installation of security cameras at the Meeting Room, including the installation of Wi-Fi at the Meeting Room. Ms. Shlash seconded the motion. The motion passed (7-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


FY20 Budget (Agenda 7C):

The Board directed staff to continue to obtain bids for the purchase and installation of a wall-mounted, large format display in the Board Room.


Ms. Smith provided an update on the association’s Category III Capital Project requests and noted that the replacement of the Banquet Room floor and the replacement of the Banquet Room noise panels had been requested for FY20.


Ad Hoc Playground Committee (Agenda 8Ai):

Ms. Shlash reported on the success of the ribbon-cutting event at RH-25 held on March 23. She encouraged the board to continue to pursue an upgrade at a tot lot in the Pointers Run neighborhood. Ms. Ling volunteered to take up this effort in FY20. The Velvet Path tot lot was suggested as a possible location.


Development Advisory Committee Report (Agenda 8Aii):

The board briefly discussed the Robinson Overlook development. Mr. Levine indicated that he is working with residents to keep the Pointers Run neighborhood students together. He will be following up with the developer.


Teen Advisory Committee (8Aiii):

Ms. Ananth and Ms. Tian reported that they are drafting an article for the May newsletter about the Student Member and Teen Advisory Committees. The TAC will be assisting with the Searching for Spring event on April 6 and the Independence Day Parade.


Traffic & Safety Committee (Agenda 8Aiv):

Mr. Miceli noted that new crosswalk signs have been installed on Great Star Drive.


Watershed Committee (Agenda 8v):

Mr. White reported on the Columbia Clean-up. Approximately 20 volunteers and 5 committee members participated. He reminded the board about Rain Garden and Oyster Reef Ball making event on April 6, 1 – 4 p.m.


Village Manager’s Report (Agenda 9B):



Board Chair Report: (Agenda 9C):

Mr. Thomas reported that he had spoken on behalf of the association in support of the Erickson project at the Planning Board hearing on March 21.


Council Representative Report (Agenda 9D):

Ms. DuBois reported that the CA Board is working on the Strategic Plan for the next 4 – 5 years and beginning the budget process for the next 2 years. She noted that CA needs to improve communications with the villages and that she believes CA programs should be more affordable for members with more free classes and lower assessments. She also recommends that the CA Board include teen/college students in an ex officio capacity.


Board Speak Out (Agenda 8):

Mr. Jandu noted that the Candidates’ Forum will be held on Monday, April 22 at 7 p.m. Mr. Jandu and Ms. Smith are working on the format for the forum. Absentee ballots are available through April 26.


Adjournment (Agenda 9):

Mr. Levine made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m. Ms. Ling seconded the motion. The motion passed (7-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


Submitted by: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager


Minutes Approved: April 29, 2019 (4-0-0)



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