I Have to Apply for What???

The Architectural Guidelines cannot possibly cover all of the alterations that are requested for each property. However, one alteration that must be applied for is re-grading, re-directing water, or doing anything on the property that will be addressing drainage issues.

The Covenants, which are part of the Association’s legal documents, describe this type of work as structural. Article I Section 1.19 states, “. . . any excavation, fill, ditch, diversion dam or other thing or device which affects or alters the natural flow of surface waters from, upon or across any Lot . . . any change in the grade of any Lot of more than six inches from that existing at the time of purchase by each owner, is considered a structure.” Since the above is considered a structure, Section 7.02 applies. It states, “No Structure shall be commenced, erected, placed moved on to or permitted to remain on any Lot . . . unless plans and specifications (including a description of any proposed new use) therefore shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural

These types of projects must be carefully considered by the Committee to ensure that adjoining properties are not adversely affected.

Some things cannot be approved according to the Covenants. Section 8.07 states, “No water pipe, gas pipe, sewer pipe or drainage pipe shall be installed or maintained on any Lot above the surface of the ground . . .”

Trash and Recycling Bins
Trash cans and recycle bins cannot be left on the driveways or in view of adjacent neighbors. Per the Covenants, other than the day of pick up, at “…all other times such containers shall be stored in such a manner so that they cannot be seen from adjacent and surrounding properties.” Property owners may apply for a trash enclosure to hide their trash and recycling bins from view.

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