Another Winning Student Essay

In last month’s issue of The Villager, the first of three winning student essays from the Student Essay Contest held earlier this year, was published. This month features the winning entry submitted by 4th grader, Charan Bala. The committee that had the task of selecting the winners enjoyed reading about all of the many elements that make River Hill such a wonderful place to live. Congratulations, Charan!

My Favorite Thing About River Hill by CHARAN BALA, 4th grade

I love living in River Hill!! My favorite thing about River Hill is that it is a planned community that is very social and helpful. For example, take Claret Hall, a community center where I had so much fun during “Breakfast with Santa” in December. Also, River Hill’s pool is amazing because we have SO MUCH fun in summer, parties happen there and our swim team also meets there.

There are lots of pathways to cycle and walk as well as excellent schools where we get to learn and have fun. River Hill also has its own shopping complex—my parents don’t have to drive fifteen minutes for groceries and spend more time with me!!

Another feature of River Hill is its very diverse community. People from many countries have fun together, have gatherings together, and even share houses next to each other!!

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