A Stranger’s Honesty and Kindness is Appreciated

On a Monday early in the month of November following a busy day running errands, a River Hill resident discovered she had lost her 14kt gold ID bracelet.  After thoroughly searching her home, garage, and car and visiting the places she had been the day before, including the River Hill Giant, she had just about given up hope that the bracelet would be found.  The loss of the bracelet was particularly devastating because it had been a 16th birthday gift from her parents and she had worn it every day since!


Thinking that the bracelet may have been lost while loading soda in and out of her cart at the Giant, she revisited the Giant two days later and stopped at the Solutions Center.  There she asked the young man at the desk whether anyone had turned in a gold bracelet.  As he asked “what does it look like?” she began to cry, answered him, and was amazed when he handed her the beloved bracelet.  When she inquired if the person who had found it had left a name and number so she could give him a reward or at least say Thank You, he replied that the gentleman had not left any contact information.


Knowing that in today’s economy the bracelet could easily have been sold for cash, the honesty and kindness of this stranger is apparent.  As Tina, the owner of the bracelet said “Of course it was insured, but it was the sentimental value that could NEVER be replaced.”  This simple act has reaffirmed her belief in the good that is within others.  Tina truly believes in “paying it forward” and that a kindness given comes back when you least expect it.


So, to the thoughtful gentleman who found the bracelet and turned it in at the River Hill Giant – a very big Thank You from Tina and from all of us who have been on the receiving end of a small act of kindness and consideration.  We hope this story will inspire our readers to “pay it forward.”

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