Architectural Committee Decisions

AC Decisions
April 19, 2023

12113 Early Lilacs Path: Deck (Material Change, Color Change), Patio, Tree Removal
12105 Hidden Waters Way: Front Door (Color Change)

Approved with Condition(s)
7067 Garden Walk: Dog Run
6112 Every Sail Path: Fence
12153 Flowing Water Trail: Patio, Walkway, Fence
6029 Winter Grain Path: Pergola

5917 Gentle Call: Deck, Patio, Fence, Egress Window

April 5, 2023

12207 Linden Linthicum Lane: Low Impact Landscaping
6414 Liquid Laughter Lane: Deck, Landing, Steps Retaining Wall, Patio
6474 River Run: Deck: Extend, Hot Tub, Deck (Material Change), Stairs (Style Change)
6209 Waving Willow Path: Low Impact Landscaping

Approved with Condition(s)
6528 Ocean Shore Lane: Tree Removals
12149 Flowing Water Trail: Security Devices
5860 Indian Summer Drive: Retaining Wall/ Planter

6510 South Wind Circle: Tree Removal
12100 Trailing Moss Gate: Tree Removal
6608 Towering Oak Path: Tree Removal
6421 River Run: Tree Removal